Linda's Women Self Defense Seminar in Bavaria, Germany, Lakenheath, United Kingdom and in Katterbach, Germany


Fitness sensation and Self Defense Instructor Linda Vu is currently offering a series of self-empowerment seminars dedicated to helping you become the best in everything you do.  Working with experts in the fitness, self defense and motivational industries, Linda’s team will come to your gym, school or venue to set up an interactive workshop educating your audience with modern day techniques that will inspire, motivate and empower you.  Each seminar runs a minimum of one hour with some lasting two or more.

Vu is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Fitness Consultant and international Fitness Model.    She body of work includes the Women's Self Defense DVD, the Power Ab workout DVD, the Energy Hour motivational fitness CD and currently working on her upcoming fitness book, Get The Body You Want

She is trained and certified in Wing Chun Kung Fu, best known as the late Bruce Lee’s martial arts foundation.  Linda is also trained in Close Quarters Combat (CQC) which focuses on self-preservation through critical strikes and explosive movements designed to incapacitate multiple assailants in a matter of seconds.  Linda just released her Women's Self Defense DVD based on the popular world-wide seminars.  Her self defense DVD is a hybrid blend of different martial arts style to give you the easiest and the most effective techniques that can be applied from the parking lot to the battlefield.

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Linda's Women Self Defense seminars in the United Kingdom, Belgium & the Netherlands



Women’s Self Defense:   Linda Vu

This two hour interactive workshop featuring reality-based self defense from a hybrid blend of differntent martial arts and police training to empower you to protect yourself from several different types of assaults.  Linda will break down the techniques into 3-4 basic steps that are highly effective, yet simple to use and easy to remember.  This interactive workshop includes but not limited to:
* Situational Awareness
* Basic Principles of Self Defense & Taking Control
* Fast, simple and effective steps to take down
& disarm an assailant in seconds
* Defend from an Attack From Behind
* Techniques & Strategies to Defend Against
Knife and Gun Attacks
* Physical Drills & Scenarios
* Ground Defensive Technique
* Identifying Soft Targets


Private Training Available or seminar with group minimum of 4 or more

Shawn Fitzsimmons - MMA, Fitness Trainer & Yoga Instructor


Six years experience as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, accumulating 10 wins including headlining a fight at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt, trained under world renowned instructor and fighter, Fredson Paixao. Won the Mid South Golden Gloves Championship.


Fitness Training

ACSM - certified personal trainer serving clients for more than five years. Trained group classes, adults and children. American College of Sports Medicine member. EMT experience. CPR and first aid certified. Nutrition training.



(479) 936-0945

Close Quarters Combat: Damon Canady

Close Quarters Combat (CQC) is the method of survival against an assailant in a confined space. Often referred to as “fighting in a phone booth” or “elevator”, CQC focuses on self-preservation through critical strikes and explosive movements designed to incapacitate multiple assailants in a matter of seconds. CQC turns prey into predator by way of its attack fundamentals and principles of engagement.

Trainees of CQC study a multitude of hand-to-hand combat topics including Situational Awareness, Combative Mindset, Centerline Theory, Critical Targets, Angular Attacks, Ground Tactics, Distancing & Posturing, Armed vs. Unarmed Assailants, Central Nervous System vs. Conscious Thought, and Survival vs. Fighting. Experienced martial artists and inexperienced novices alike all stand to learn something new from CQC practices.



Yoga:  Regina Tippetts

Learn to create serenity anywhere you are. This multi-level yoga class, from beginner to advanced, will provide flexibility, strength and balance as you remove yourself from everyday stress. You will find a sense of well-being and peace as you transform your body and get into your best shape ever! 

Everyone is invited to this one-hour class to explore the benefits of yoga such as tranquility, fitness and renewal of spirit.  Most people will see and feel improvement in their flexibility, strength and stress levels.


Power Abs’ Challenge:  Linda Vu

This one hour abdominal workout seminar has be compared to Shawn T’s “Insanity Workout” but focusing only on the Abs.  Based on Linda’s popular “Power Abs’ Workout DVD”, this "No Excuse" program is designed to maximize your abs work giving you those sexy, sleek abs whether you're on the road, at the gym or in the privacy of your own home.











If you are an advanced instructor in your field and would like to be considered to be a part of Linda Vu's Fitness  team, please email your bio, resume and pics to:  Linda@LindaVu.net