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Linda Vu's Women's Self Defense Seminar


Fitness Expert Linda Vu Releases Women's Self Defense Training DVD


Linda Vu To Host Women's Self Defense in Las Vegas

Linda Vu Offeres Women's Self Defense Workshop

AFN Video Interview - Linda Vu came to RAF Lakenhealth to not only show, but to teach female Airmen that size doesn't matter when it comes to defending youself against anyone

Seminar Teaches Spouses Street Smart - The US Army

Linda Vu to Offer Self-Defense Training to Women of USAG Ansbach - US Army

Linda Vu Makes Self Defense Easy - Royal Airforce Mildenhall





Loved the class!  Very informative.  I definitely feel more empowered to not be a helpless victim. – Tiffany M

Amazing class!  Bring more classes like this.  Thank you so much!  Bring more of this! – Linda H.

Great class.  Looking forward to a mom’s & daughters class.  Thank you.  Please bring this back again. - Kay G.

It was awesome.  Would be great to do for military kids too during appreciation month for military kids. - Kristen R.

Very informative!  Explained all the questions.  – Larrisa R.

I enjoyed the class.  I got very useful information.  This class has helped me boost my confidence.  Betzaida T.

I really enjoyed the class.  The instructors were very professional and knowledgeable.  My only thought is another class for teens because in this dating age this is very important for teens as well.  I really hope this class is brought back again. – Sarah H.

I enjoyed this class.  I learned a lot and hope to take this class again. – Rachel C.

Great class!  Great information.  Helpful instructors.  I feel empowered. – Jen F.

Excellent class and very practical.  I learned a lot. – Sara S.

Great time, learned a lot.  Instructors were very informative.  Should definitely keep the tour going.  A lot of women could benefit from this. – Erin M.

Very informative and real.  I’ll definitely keep this in mind just in case something happens.  Step-by-step easy to follow steps.  Very nicely done.  Thank you for this. – Charity G.

I really enjoyed the class.  It was very informative and will inform everyone about the next class. – Yvette H

Fantastic! – Margaret M.

Wow!  Just wow! – Fatima A.

Awesome seminar.  Well worth the time. – Alicia I.

Life skills.  Thank you! – Zoe S.

It was a very great service.  Very well worth it!  Thank you. – Jessica D.

Awesome!!! Thank you! – Olivia G.

Awesome class! – Linda M.

Awesome information.  Thank you! – Tara C.

Absolutely fantastic!  Thank you! – Vivian B.

Awesome.  Thanks. – Renne S.

Awesome! – Cheryl S.

Thanks.  It was great! – Debi H.

Really awesome.  Very useful. – Kristine P.

Thank you. Knowing how common these scenarios can be, I greatly appreciate this experience. – Teri D.

Thanks for a great class! – Cassie R.

This was really educational. – Savannah H.

A monthly seminar would be great!  We need more of this! – Candace M.

Awesome! – Jean S.

Great class! – Kristen M.

Great.  Really liked it! – Astind M.

Great class!  Loved it! – Kari J.

Wonderful class.  A must for young women moving out & going out on their own! – Kira W.

Great for all skill levels. - KB

Class was wonderful, empowering & family friendly.  Everyone was fun but respectful, serious & professional.  Highly recommend! – Hayley Y.

Fabulous.  Well done.  - Mari G

Awesome, must repeat. - Milly Q

Great information! – Jarae N

Fabulous.  Great info.  Thank you! - Jennifer L.

Brilliant. Thank you so much.  – Kelly M.

Thanks!!!  It was great. – Julia C.

It was awesome and fun.  Thanks! – Jelliz C

Great & amazing!!  Come back!! – Kama C.

Very great class.  I learned a lot! – Stephanie G

Size definitely does not matter.  Amazing class & instructors! - Christine J.